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AdvanIT, LLC is a local leader in phone system installation and service with over 20 years of experience.  Having installed and maintained systems with as few as three and as many as 300 extensions, AdvanIT, LLC has helped businesses of all sizes identify their specific needs and custom build a system to maximize productivity.

We are experts in all things telephony, including troubleshooting and maintenance of VoIP systems.  Furthermore, we proudly recommend FreeSWITCH, an open-source enterprise-grade telephony platform that provides a low cost and highly customizable system.  Combined with the leading SIP trunk providers, we can often save you money on not only hardware and installation of a new system, but also your recurring monthly phone bills.

Our solutions include:

  • System design
  • Installation and service
  • Downtime fail-over routing
  • FreeSWITCH customization
  • Telephone provisioning

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